Put On Your White Sombrero Lyrics – ABBA

Put On Your White Sombrero Lyrics – ABBA

Put On Your White Sombrero Lyrics:

Put on your white sombrero
Saddle your horse, my dear
And ride off into the sunset
You’d better go, for there is no place for you here.
Like an old-fashioned hero,
You stand before me.
You think our life is a movie,
My world is real, I live and feel, and I can do
Without you.

Put on your white sombrero,
Your red bandana too,
Think of this day as a showdown,
Goodbye my friend, this is the end for me and you.
Now be a bold vaquero
Don’t show your feelings,
I’ll cry while you’re disappearing
Into the night, all dressed in white, unchained and free
Without me.

Put on your white sombrero,
Like all the cowboys do,
So find a sweet senorita,
Somebody’s meek who’ll never speak harshly to you.
You’re such a caballero,
Proud, never bending,
I want someone who will take me
Just as I am, I need a man, who is in rhyme
With his time.

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