Mother And Child Lyrics – Barbra Streisand

Mother And Child Lyrics – Barbra Streisand

Mother And Child Lyrics:

For a little face, that’s the biggest yawn
Look at teddy bear yawning too
All those animals
sleeping in your bed
Do you really think there’ll be room for you?

Time to tuck you in, warm and cozy-like
Are you comfortable little lamb?
Such a sleepy smile
you must surely know
All the lovely things
you’ll be dreaming of

Swinging tree top high, sliding belly down
Eating jelly beans to your heart’s delight
In a fairy tale in a wonderland
through the night…

I hope that she forgets
and leaves my door open
So I can have a little light
from the hallway
If I can hear them talking,
If I can hear them laughing
I know I won’t be frightened, maybe

At night I know that’s just my chair,
the nice red one
But it looks different
than it looks in the daytime
Sometimes I think it’s moving,
a big enormous monster
A dinosaur or dragon maybe

I close my eyes and
there are ghosts and witches
I’m scared a wicked witch will eat me
Oh, how I wish it wasn’t always dark at night…

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