Maybe Lyrics – Barbra Streisand

Maybe Lyrics – Barbra Streisand

Maybe Lyrics:

Maybe, maybe you wouldn’t believe it
If only I change
You say I’m acting just like a kid
Well, maybe I’m doing what I’m doing
‘Cause I’d done what I did
When I was a kid, maybe, maybe

Maybe I’m fooling myself
More than anyone can
Maybe I will find another man
But how can I enjoy his touch
Knowing that I love you so much
Baby, baby, oh baby

I could learn to love your mother
And your mother’s sister
And if she visited all the relatives
I swear I’d miss her
And everyday before you go to work
I’d stop and kiss her,
Maybe, maybe, oh, maybe

Things would be better
If only a letter would come
Happiness is easier for some
I promise I will try to please you
Can’t you see how much I need you, baby

Baby, if you wanna hurt me
Laugh at me but don’t desert me, baby
Baby, if you don’t believe me
Laugh at me but please don’t leave me

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