Mary Jane Holland Lyrics – Lady Gaga

Mary Jane Holland Lyrics – Lady Gaga

Mary Jane Holland Lyrics:

Lady of the ‘dam won’t
Be a slave to the blonde or the culture of the popular
(She won’t, she won’t)
Sing with you, I’ll
Fly under radar tonight
Make deals with every devil in sight
(I will, I will)

Cause I love, love, cause I love, love
You better than, you better than
My darkest sin
Russian hookers, and cheap gin

I think that I could be fine
If I could be Mary Jane Holland tonight
I think we’d have a good time
If you’d meet me and Mary Jane in Holland tonight

Mary! Jane! Holland!
Mary! Jane! Holland!

I don’t like to boast
But our truffles are the most
Mad-magical in Amsterdam
(She won’t, she won’t)
So if you have fear, Apollo
Sit on my lyre, and
Play ’em like a piano, man
(I will, I will)

I know that Mom and Dad think I’m a mess
But it’s alright, because
I am rich as piss
When I ignite the flames and put you in my mouth
The grass heats up my insides and my brunette starts to sprout
Introducing, ladies and gentleman, Mary Jane Holland!

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