Hope Lyrics – A Broken Silence

Hope Lyrics – A Broken Silence

Hope Lyrics

Many are stained with souls corrupt,
Hope they locate change when old enough.
A message that I got when growing up:
“Drink and smoke pot til ya throwing up!”
So is the world getting colder, nah!
Then I look where them soldiers are,
Wonder why I just wrote that bar
Where we’re living is poles apart.

With open hearts I see people building
A bridge to the world to feed some children.
New light lead some millions:
Fight evil, be resilient!
Role models saying “Grip that gun!”
We’re marching to a different drum:
Drugs will bring you a fist of funds
But make your journey a twisted one.

Just begun to see duties change —
Seek truth not pursuit of fame.
Some choosing to fuel them flames
But they’re looking like fools today.
If the youth decay, focus dies
Time to retrain, mobilize;
Them old ways have been pulverized,
We got a new table to roll that dice.
Inner demons like a poltergeist
Had us living so cold as ice.
But now kids got global eyes
Hopes alive.

Conquer fear, new ideas, see these kids, pioneers
For future years, visions clear, what this is
this is hope, this is hope
New ideas, see these kids, pioneers
For future years, visions clear, what this is
this is hope
Like they sing in Liverpool you’ll never walk alone.
Any girl, any fellow from a broken home,
Anyone neglected in a warring zone
Lost their abode and was forced to roam.
Still they spoke in the warmest tones,
Kept hope as a cornerstone.

From these gifts we ought to grow,
I quit spitting them morbid poems,
Like cortisones to stop the hate swelling.
Still see pain in locked away felons,
Still need change and lots of rebelling…
Use brains we got to be heading
In the right direction, right progression!

Minds can be quite perplexing.
My confession, life is testing!
And positive thought fights depression,
Like songs of Michael — read the Bible,
Read Koran, heed disciples.
Love is vital in the eyes of Buddha,
And even scribes from the tribes of Judah,
One word to describe the future — hope.

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