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Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) was born March 28, 1986. Known by the stage name Lady GaGa, the singer and songwriter from America works in the direction of electronic pop music.

Lady Gaga

Stephanie was born in a low-income family and is the oldest child of Italian entrepreneurs Joseph Germanotta and Cynthia Bisset. At the age of four, she herself learned to play the piano, picking up melodies by ear, and as a child she sang the songs of Cindy Lower and Michael Jackson, recording her voice on a cheap tape recorder. She is left-handed.

At the age of 11, Stephanie entered the monastery of St. Christ, a private Catholic school, but was one of the poorest students, so her mother and father had to get a few jobs to pay for their studies. The famous Hilton sisters studied at this school.

As a teenager, the future Lady GaGa wrote her first song. At the age of 14, she led open evenings. In the theatrical productions of the school, she always got the main roles. She participated in the play “Regis”, played the role of Filia in “Something funny happened on the way to the forum”, the role of Anna Andreevna in “The Government Inspector”, Miss Adelaide in “Guys and Dolls” and Alice Moore in the production of “A Man for Everything seasons. ” She also sang in the school’s jazz orchestra.

By the age of 17, Stephanie became one of the 20 people in the world who had passed the Clive Davis program at the New York School of Art ahead of time under the musical theater program. She graduated much earlier than others because she was much smarter than her peers.

Father paid the rent of the apartment and Stephanie moved from her parents immediately after school. She switched to clubs located in the lower part of eastern New York, where she performed with her early teams Mackin Pulsifer and SGBand. Surrounded by musicians and singers who worked in one specific musical style, Stephanie decided to do something fresh and provocative. In 2006, she began collaborating with Rob Fasari, a well-known producer, with whom she wrote several early compositions, including Beautiful Dirty Rich, Dirty Ice Cream, and Disco Heaven. Lady Gaga came up with her stage name when she sang the song “Again, Again”. This nickname is a reference to Queen’s song “Radio Ga-Ga”. On the day the nickname was invented, the girl asked.

The beginning of a musical career

At 19, Stephanie signed her first contract with Def Jam, but after three months left the label. In early 2007, she was offered to work with Interscope. The executives hired her to work as a songwriter and brought her with singer Akon, with whom she collaborated. Working on demo versions of the tracks, Akon requested that Germanotta herself go to the recording booth and perform vocals. Realizing that she herself has a talent for singing, Stephanie offered a joint contract with Kon Live.

During this period, she met DJ Lady Starlight, who also worked as a dancer at the same time. It was she who helped Stephanie with future stage outfits. The couple collaborated together to develop a costume show of the late 70s called “Lady Gaga and Starlight Review.” They sang, danced dissolute steps, sparkling disco balls were set on the stage, and the fire was sprayed to the public.

It was thanks to her acquaintance with Akon that Lady Gaga began working on her own material for her debut album with Red One producers. Already in stock with glamorous electronic songs, she wanted to mix her retro dances with urban tunes, with choruses in the style of pop and rock and roll motifs. Together they created the first song “Boys, Boys, Boys”. Fasari sent the songs to Interscope Records, but only after Akon spoke with the management did they sign a contract with Stephanie.

In August 2007, Lady Gaga and her show ballet performed at the Lollapalosa Festival, where they entertained the crowd with their creative shows. And in October of the same year, Stephanie combined her love of the art of performing, rock and roll, glamorous rock of the 70s, parodies, heavy metal and came up with a new weekly entertainment program “The Renewal of New York Street Dance and Thrash Dance”. It was then that she not only first appeared with blonde hair, but also also demonstrated the stage concept for the first time: two dancers helped her in dancing, and her friend DJ Lady Starlight played in the background.

The Fame (2008-2009)

By 2008, Stephanie moved to Los Angeles to work with her record company on the album “The Fame”. The debut single “Just Dance” was released on April 8, 2008. The song topped the charts in Canada and Australia, but went unnoticed in the United States. Although it was constantly included in clubs, the composition only won second place in the charts “Hot Dance Songs from Billboard” and “Hot Club Songs”.

The debut album was released in Canada, Australia and other European countries, finding itself in the TOP 10, and on October 28, Lady Gaga finally released a CD in the United States. The disc took 17th place in the hit chart “200 Billboard Albums” and in the first week it was sold out in the amount of 24 thousand copies. He also made his debut in first place in the charts for electronic albums. Critics warmly welcomed the first work of the singer. And in October, “Just Dance” finally began to play on the radio. The song took a worthy 2nd place in the hit chart “Hot 100-ka Billboard”. The second single “Poker Face” was the first in Australia, Canada and some other countries.

In the fall, Lady Gaga went on an advertising tour with the renewed band New Kids on the Block, opening their concerts. Collaborating with the guys, she sang the song “

At the end of December, it was announced that Lady Gaga would be opening the The Pussycat Dolls concert tours in Europe from January to May 2009. The tour began in Scotland on January 18th.

The Fame Monster (2009—2010)

To mark the second season of the hit show “Dirty Sex Money”, ABC created a completely new exclusive video for the song “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”, where viewers were able to visit Gaga’s mansion and watch the court hearing.
At the end of 2008, Lady Gaga was nominated for the Grammy Music Award for Best Dance Record. And on January 12, 2009, the singer announced the “The Fame Ball” tour (Russian. “Ball of Glory”).

In September 2009, Lady Gaga won three nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York, and was officially announced as the “Download Queen” on September 6 after being listed in The 40 Most downloaded songs of all time by The Official Charts Company and dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the founding of this British company, “Poker Face” was in 1st place (779 thousand downloads), and “Just Dance” – in 3rd place (700 thousand downloads). September 25, 2009 the album “The Fame” received platinum status in Russia.

By this moment, Lady Gaga was at the pinnacle of fame. Her name was increasingly mentioned in various ratings and lists, she received more and more awards. In 2009, she was recognized as one of the 10 most charming people.

The album “The Fame Monster” was released on November 23, 2009. The album received somewhat contradictory, but generally high marks from critics, who considered it to be an original, extremely eccentric work, not a formal appendix to the debut album, but having undoubted independent value.

In November 2009, Lady Gaga went on her second international tour, “The Monster Ball” (Russ. “Monster Ball”) until the beginning of 2011. As part of the tour, the singer plans to visited many countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Holland and others. This show is very different from the first round – it is more “progressive” in every way. With this tour, it became clear that Gaga’s power is not hundreds, but thousands of fans who for 2 hours can’t but admire the fashion, debauchery, sex, art and images that the singer takes during the show. In February 2010, a DVD version of the tour in 3D format was announced.

On January 31, the 52nd Grammy Awards ceremony took place, where Lady Gaga won in two of five categories: Best Dance Hit and Dance Album of the Year.

Born This Way (2011-2012)

In March 2010, the singer announced that she began working on her new studio album. Three months later it became known that she completed it, however, she promised that she would not release this disc until 2011, but in the summer she offered fans an alternative – an album with official remixes of her most popular hits, which was released on August 3. Lady Gaga admitted that she writes music daily and plans to announce the name of her new album on New Year’s Eve, by tattooing her body with the name.
On August 3, 2010, it became known that Lady Gaga would immediately claim 13 awards MTV Video Music Awards, which is a record in the history of the award.

Lady Gaga Albums:

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