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Hurts is an English musical group from Manchester (UK) performing compositions in the 1980s electropop genre.

The excitement around the musicians arose last summer. in a publication in the British newspaper The Guardian, the group was talked about among professional musicians. Hurts included NME and BBC in the list of the most promising groups of 2010. Pop veteran Arthur Baker added fuel to the fire by making a club remix of the Hurts song “Wonderful Life”. The duo was immediately bombarded with offers from major music labels. On reflection, they chose Sony Music.

Hurts are not like contemporary bands primarily in their attitude to popular culture. Despite their short existence as a duo, Theo Hutchcraft (vocals, 23 years old) and Adam Anderson (electronics, guitar, 25 years old) have won the interest of music critics and pop music lovers. Musicians are serious about composing their songs, choosing material for them long and carefully.

These two young men from Manchester (Great Britain) wear angular hairstyles and formal suits, are filmed exclusively in monochrome tones and generally look as if it is 1983 – and it turns out extremely believable. They don’t really tell about themselves.

British duo Hurts is completely different from pop stars of recent years – accessible, understandable, their own on the board. They are like they came from the 80s, those fabulous times, if pop stars resembled cartoon characters, action stars, horror movie characters – but not exclusively passers-by from the street. Adam Anderson is an in-depth visionary, similar to the ingenious inventors from pre-war films. Theo Hutchcraft is a born pop star, charismatic, pretentiously dressed knight of glossy covers with an irresistible and haughty look.

They play exactly what people who look like this are supposed to play: refined romantic synth-pop that references pretty much all 80s music. The musicians themselves call their style “Noir’n’b and doom pop”. Actually, at the moment there are only two Hurts songs available – but they are worth the total creativity of a couple of dozen bands that have become involved in the genre in recent years.

Their debut video for the single “Wonderful Life” has garnered over 3 million views on YouTube. They recorded their first video “Wonderful life” themselves and spent £ 20 on it.

New Musical Express has already named them “Officially the. next. big. thing “. On the long list of the most promising young musicians BBC Sound of 2010 they are in 4th place.

Hurts Albums:

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