Bahari Biography


Bahari is a female creative trio consisting of Ruby Carr, Natalia Panzarella and Sidney Sartini. The girls began their careers by signing a contract with Interscope, a major record company in Los Angeles, and on December 30, 2014 presented their first creation to the world – the relaxing and enchanting single “Wild Ones”, written and completely performed by the girls themselves. The word Bahari is translated as “ocean” from the Swahili language.

Bahari Biography

Who are these Californian sweet-eyed angels? The trio consists of three peers – Ruby, Natalia and Sidney. Ruby Carr grew up in remote parts of Africa where her parents worked in the field of wildlife conservation, so animals have always been a huge part of her life – “We had a leopard named Jamu and even Noah’s elephant,” said Ruby. Inspired by the culture with which she was brought up, Ruby acquired a special love for singing. Hearing her friend play the piano, it inspired her to learn the keys herself. With her new passion for the piano, she soon realized that she was able to sing even better. It was the girl’s home when she chose the name for her group that inspired Ruby to propose the name Bahari, which literally translates as “ocean”.

Another member of the collective – Natalia Panzarella – is also associated with music all her life, because her mother was once a well-known country singer Tamara Walker, one of her own compositions even got into the soundtrack album for the film “Bar Ugly Coyote”, which was released in 2000 year. Natalia was born in Nashville, and grew up on the road (Natalia’s mother constantly toured), so she really was always inspired by such a life. At the age of six, she moved to Los Angeles and then began to study music, which eventually turned into a real music band.

The third member of the musical group, Sidney Sartini, was born and raised in Manhattan Beach – she grew up in the same town as Antonina Armato, a well-known producer who previously worked with artists such as Ellie Golding, Aura Dion and most of the “natives” of Disney Channel “- Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens and Jonas Brothers. Antonina once invited Sydney, then still sixteen years old (other girls were of the same age), to sing a couple of songs that Sartini herself wrote for herself, and after frequent visits to the recording studio, the girl was introduced to Ruby and Natalia. The Trinity became friends very quickly – and so a musical trio was created under the support of the well-known production team Rock Mafia.

Gaining experience, rehearsing performances with their songs and spending days in the studio, the girls gradually prepared the material for release and in the spring of 2016 released the mini-album “Dancing On The Sun”, and a half years after the premiere of their debut single “Wild Ones” (2014 ) In support of the mini-album, girls all summer that year released video clips for their favorite songs from the disc – they shot all the material throughout 2015 so that together with the music they could provide listeners with high-quality visualization.

In the same year, after a busy radio tour in which they literally traveled to most of the United States, Selena Gomez, with whom they became good friends from the very beginning, was invited to perform on the opening of their “Revival Tour” tour (again, Rock Mafia helped) thanks to which the audience of creative girls has replenished with a large number of new fans.

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