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A Broken Silence

A Broken Silence is an Australian rock band performing rap rock, melodic rapcore and progressive rock. The team was founded in 2006 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. All five members of the group came from different areas of music and several jointly created experimental rock / hip-hop tracks laid the foundation for A Broken Silence. Members of the group: vocalist Torcha / John Shmelevsky, keyboardist B-Don / Brandon Costello, guitarist and vocalist Cactus / Daniel Bartulovich, bassist Boots / Simon Lennon and drummer Nathan Tuffin.

A Broken Silence

The group gained its popularity with the release of their debut album “All For What …” in 2009, after the release of which A Broken Silence went on a joint tour with the Australian rock band The Whitlams. In 2011, a self-release of the second album – “A Broken Silence”, reissued later on the 2012 Wideawake-Distributed / Death Row Records. The third album “All the Way Down” was released by the group again on its own in 2017.

A Broken Silence Albums:

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