A Band Biography

A Band

A is a British rock band from Suffolk, England, performing alternative rock. Formed in 1993. Among the groups that influenced their work were Rush, Beach Boys, Van Halen and Beastie Boys.

A Band

The band was originally called “Grand Designs”, but in 1993 they changed their name to “A” and abandoned their early, progressive rock-inspired sound to better suit punk rock style. The founders were the twins Jason and Adam Perry, their friend Mark Chapman, bassist Stevie Swindon and the younger twin brother Giles Perry.

The group released four studio albums and two live mini-albums. Shortly after the release of their fourth studio album, “Teen Dance Ordinance,” in 2005, members of the group took up other projects. In 2007, the group reunited to play one concert and has been touring from time to time.

A Band Albums:

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